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Premium agglomerated corks for sealing your short term wines. Will preserve your wines up to 2 years.
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Agglomerate corks are made from particles of natural cork. These are more uniform than natural cork and are more economical. Agglomerate corks are usually meant for shorter term storage of 1 year or less. The exception to this is the winery grade which can be used to store wines for up to 2 years. Number 9 is the standard size.

Our Winery Grade Corks are manufactured from top grade agglomerate. These closures are made up of extremely homogeneous cork granules(2 to 5 mm) with a very low density (up to 65 Kgs/m3) and obtained by single moulding or extrusion.

The characteristics of agglomerate cork differ from natural wine corks in production methods, specific gravity and visual appearance. Like natural cork agglomerate has high resilience, are easily inserted, offers a good seal and are very affordable. They are therefore preferred to synthetic substitutes.

All corks bags are treated with SO2 for sterilization. We recommend PE-01™ cork for all your wine storing of less than 2 years. Fits Standard North American 750ml Bottles.

Grand Cru Chardonnay
A medium-bodied wine with a crisp, green apple bouquet, and hearty flavour. This is a true classic white wine at its finest.

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1.7 KG Makes 23 Litres. Australia

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Economy hand held corking machine.

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