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UWinemaker with Wine Kit
UWinemaker with Wine Kit
CDN$ 319.98
Tax is included in this package $289.98 + 30.00 HST

Complete UWinemaker package with one of our premium Winexpert Classic or RJS Cru International wines. Choose the wine style you prefer from the list below.

8 Available (Torbay Rd. stock only)
$20 Over-sized shipping surcharge.

Rock and Roll Winemaking is Here!

This is a game changer!

The UWinemaker’s new horizontal single stage, Rock and Roll Technology is the best wine making experience! Our Rock and Roll Technology streamlines your entire wine making process. The work and mess are gone!

Start making wine right away. No other equipment necessary.* Includes instructions and sanitizer and one of our premium Classic or Cru International ingredient kits!

Why You're Going to Love Your New UWinemaker.

  • No heavy lifting
  • No siphoning
  • No mechanical degassing
  • No filtering required**
  • No mess
  • No homemade taste!

Easy to Use

UWinemaker is easy and friendly for both the beginner the experienced wine maker. The all-in-one, light weight, compact design, simply sits on your counter making incredible wine for you.

User Friendly

Easy and friendly for both the beginner and the experienced wine maker. The process is as simple as place the Uwinemaker on the counter, combine ingredients, apply a Rock and Roll motion, then leave the Uwinemaker sitting on your counter. It quietly makes your favourite 30 bottles of wine.

Uwinemaker's efficient Rock and Roll, mixing, degassing, and clearing makes most 4 to 8 weeks wine kits in as little as 4 weeks.

*You will also need bottles or wine bags to package your finished wine.
**The sediment collects on the bottom reservoir leaving clear wine above. You can still filter your wine if you prefer.


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