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15 litres of high gravity wort. Makes 23 Litres.
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The original pilsner was brewed in the Czech Republic in 1842. Now, as then it is known for its generous use of hops. Our medium-bodied, golden pilsner is a clean, satisfying beer. This elegant beer is delicious all on its own. It is also a perfect companion for seafood. You've long enjoyed lagers and pale ales. Now your tastebuds are ready for this truly international beer.

Bitterness: 35 IBU

The Brewhouse Kit is an entirely new concept in homebrewing. Until now, most home crafted beer has been made with concentrated malt extract syrup. The Brewhouse Kit produces all-grain microbrew style beer in a convenient format. Brewed from fresh grain and hops, it is pure all-grain wort, made the same way as commercial microbrewed beers. Gentle handling preserves the delicate aromas and flavours.

Fresh grains make fresh beer: The Brew House Kit is made from 100% grain. The grains are cracked just before brewing and gently steeped in water at our custom designed German-style brew house. After the sweet wort is drawn off, it's carefully boiled with generous amounts of hops. Then, without adding water or concentrate, we aseptically package it for maximum flavour and aroma.

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