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Complete Fruit Wine Start-up Package
Complete Fruit Wine Start-up Package
Complete Fruit Wine Start-up Package
Complete Fruit Wine Start-up Package
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Equipment and additives to make wine from your own fruit and berries.

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Fruit Winemaking Kit

All the equipment required to make fruit wine. Also includes our famous Wild Berry Additive kit and Grape Base. All you have to supply is the fruit and sugar. This equipment can also be used to make beer, cider, mead, wine and other fermented beverages.

If you don't see your fruit listed above you can enter it into the comment box during checkout and we'll make sure that you'll get the proper kit.

This Kit includes:
  • 32 Litre Plastic Fermenting Bucket
  • 23 Litre Plastic Carboy
  • Air lock with bored rubber stopper.
  • AutoSiphon
  • Siphon hose.
  • A long handle plastic mixing spoon.
  • A Floating Thermometer.
  • Hydrometer
  • Wine Thief sampling jar.
  • Siphon Valve Bottle Filler.
  • Sanitizing/cleaning powder.
  • 30 Corks
  • Bottle Corking Machine
  • Wild Berry Additive Kit of your choice
  • 500 ML Wild Berry Grape Base

Note:The package illustrated is for display only. Your start-up package will arrive in a plain unmarked box.

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