Cru Select Cabernet Sauvignon

Cru Select Cabernet Sauvignon
Cru Select Cabernet Sauvignon
Cru Select Cabernet Sauvignon
Soft yet fruity, this Australian style Cab shows more complex varietal fruit flavours, including cherry and blackberry than its Old World counterpart.
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Region/Style: Australia
Ready to bottle in six weeks

Oak 3 Body 4 Sweetness 0

Australian Cabernets are softer, fruitier and more delectable then those from other regions. This wine kit allows for the complex varietal fruit flavours to take centre stage. You will savour the cherry, blackberry and soft herbal flavours. It is smooth, without the harsh tannin that usually accompanies this variety. It increases the enjoyment of many foods: meats, cheeses, pasta in rich tomato sauces and especially a BBQ.

This package contains 16 litres of juice and concentrate. It requires the addition of 7 litres of water to make 23 litres or 6 1/2 US gallons of wine. Your kit is ready to use and includes yeast, finings and stabilizer. You will also need winemaking equipment, bottles and corks.

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Buon Vino brand. Coarse filtration for the Minjet Filter.

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