Base pack for Still Spirits Liqueur flavourings.
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Released on the market July 2004. These complete the full range to cover all the Liqueurs in our range except the Dry Vermouth and Southern Smooth. There are three different liqueur base packs that match up with different types of liqueurs in the Liqueur Red bands labels. As liqueurs are different in sweetness, thickness and strength, Still Spirits have taken great care to provide you with base packs specific to each liqueur.

Liqueur Base A is the standard and least thick or sweet of any of them.
Liqueur base B is sweeter and slightly thicker than A
Liqueur base C is very thick and very sweet.

Still Spirits are proud to introduce five liqueur base packs to make liqueur making with Still Spirits easier. No more measuring and mixing liquid glucose and sugar or searching for the right cream for cream liqueurs. Simply add the pack to any alcohol required in the recipe (as stated on the bottle) and mix well before adding the essence and topping up with water. Any initial cloudiness will clear leaving you with a liqueur of the correct thickness and sweetness. The liqueurs can be further sweetened, if required, with the addition of more sugar to taste.